Discovering your spiritual path!

Hi Guys,

I’m Maia. A pretty simple Girl, who is born into Hinduism but has recently discovered a calling towards Wicca. 

I am a very spiritual person, I have always been one. I followed Hinduism with utmost respect and reverence and marine for that very reason, I had started to blindly follow all of the man-made rules to reach out to the divine. And when I realised that I have failed to connect with the Divine, it plunged me into darkness and depression! 

At one such moment of weakness, I felt drawn towards a light in my mind. Without questions, I followed the light and reached Wicca. Ever since that day, I feel like I’m newly reborn and I have started to see the universe in a while new light! 

Watch this video as I talk more about this particular moment, that changed my whole life. Click on this link 👇👇👇

Discovering your spiritual path
Today, when I look back at those times when I felt depressed and helpless, I feel really sad for that girl. However, I have also comes to realise that it was all part of the game and it had to play out just the way it did. Today, I’m in a better place and I’m walking steadily on this path of light. 

Have you faced any such life changing moments? Spiritually or non-spiritually. Do share your experiences! 

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