New Moon Offering Ritual

New Moon for me is to celebrate the birth of the Goddess! As samhain nears, the veil gets thinner, darkness is filled with Whispers from beyond this world!

I felt like Putting out offerings at this time, so I have placed these three slices of apple! 

I always place a quartz pyramid to amplify the energy during rituals!

On the other side I have placed Myrrh incense for positive energies and protection. Also to celebrate the Goddess in her Maiden form!  

And I have placed for candles at the four cardinal directions 

And as I lit each candle I invoked the energies of Earth, Air, For and Water to bless this ritual and bless the offering! 

I have closed the circle with few pencil crystals that I have (amazonite, moon stone, red aventurine and black tourmaline).

With the offering placed in the middle so that it’s blessed with all of these energies!

I said a small prayer to the Goddess and expressed my gratitude for her rebirth and for putting an end to the dark nights! 

I then mediated for a while focusing all of my energy and gratitude over to the offering and then asked the God and Goddess to accept this offering as a sign of my gratitude. 

Finally, I thanked the God and Goddess and the Elemental energies for their presence and closed the circle. 

After this, I took out the offering and placed each slice on the earth, at the different points in front of my home.

So this is how I chose to perform my own little New Moon Offering Ritual. 

What is your favourite ritual layout for putting out offerings to God and Goddess? 

Do let me know! 😌

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