Ancestral Divination and The Death Chant

Hi guys, 

Ancestral Death Chant is a ritualistic prayer that’s spoken before performing the ancestral divination (as per Wicca: A Year and A Day by Timothy Roderick)

Things needed:

  • Ancestral Altar 
  • A pendulum 
  • A black (or dark) coloured candle 
  • 2 pieces of paper with “Yes” written in one and “No”written on the other. 


First of all Ground yourself and cast a circle.

Then sit or stand in front of the ancestral Altar and speak a few words asking your ancestors to bless you. 

(Ex: Dear Mighty Dead, accept this altar which I have set up to honour you. Which of my ancestors shall step forward today to speak and teach?)

Now, Hold your pendulum in your left hand between the thumb and index finger. Bring it over the memorabilia of your deceased loved ones and start calling out each person’s name, one by one. Give some time in between the names and see if the pendulum is moving. When the pendulum moves, stop at that name for that’s the ancestor who is willing to step forward and answer your questions.

Next, inscribe the name of this ancestor on the side of the black candle and place it on the altar and light it. 

Now, close your eyes and bring forth the memories of this ancestor in your mind, as clearly as possible. And then say this chant-

Ancestral Death Chant: 

Death swims on the water, 

Summer shall soon be here 

And do thou, o holy _________ (name of the ancestor)

Give us a good year 

Speak this night of sabbat 

Although the hour is late 

And do thou, o holy _________ (name of your ancestor) 

Tell us fortune’s fate!

Moving on-

After saying this chant, place the 2 pieces of paper with YES and NO writte, on the either side of the black candle. 

Now you can go ahead and ask simple questions (answered by yes or no) to your ancestor and the answer shall be given to you with the movement of the pendulum. 

Closing the divination ritual-

Most important of all, when you are done with asking questions and interacting with your loved one, do not forget to thank them for stepping forward and answering your questions. 

Then with due respect, say your goodbyes and close the circle. 

Let the black candle burn out! 

So that’s how ancestral divination is performed. 

Do give it a Go and let me know of your experiences. 

Blessed Be. 🌛🌝🌜

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