Blessed Samhain, Happy Halloween! 

Hi Friends,
The great sabbat day has come to an end here in India. I know that you are all just starting on your day and your celebrations of this beautiful sabbat. I’m here just to share my experience and how I celebrated samhain!

Before starting on any sort of summoning, contact or divination, make sure that your home and your altar space is cleansed. Also banish away all the negative energies and evil spirits so that you can work with only positive spirits and your deceased loved ones. 

Check out this video to learn how to cleanse your Home and banish negative spirits. 

Banishing negative energies from home
First and foremost, I created an altar to honour My ancestors, the loved ones on the other side of the veil and the holy spirits. 

I used jasmine flowers, crystals (bloodstone and smokey quartz), stones, sage incense cones (that I made at home), charged rain water and loads of candles. 

In the middle of the altar, I have placed my favourite clear quartz prism to channel positive energies and to increase the vibes. But most importantly, under the prism, I have placed a small pile of sheets in which I have written the names of the deceased loved ones and a memory associated with each of them. I have used this as my memorabilia as I couldn’t find any pictures or stuff related to them. 

If you guys wanna see how I created my altar, do check this video out! It’ll help y’all out! 

Creating an Ancestral Altar 

After I cast the circle and everything, I had the ritualistic Silent Meal or Mute Meal or Dumb supper. I placed dinner garlic bread, rice and dal and some biscuits (favorites of the deceased loved ones) in a plate and offered it to the ancestors and the holy spirits. I had my plate of meal in front of the altar silently.

(I put out The meal from the offered plate so that crows can feast on them. We Indians believe that crows represent our ancestors!)

After I was done with my meal, I said the little ancestral death chant and went ahead and performed some simple ancestral divination. Spent some time meditating so on and so forth. When I was completely satisfied with the time spent in front of the altar, I thanked all my ancestors and holy Spirits and closed the circle. But I have let the candles burn out.

And that’s how I celebrated samhain. 
How did you guys celebrate your samhain? Do let me know! Blessed Be. 🌛🌝🌜

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