7 Chakras- Their locations, associations and how to activate them

Hi Friends, 

Wherever we have a physical, mental or emotional trouble, we often resort to doctors and medications. More often than not, these medications are more for treating your brain than for treating your ailment. Experts have confirmed that the best way to treat any disease or ailment is by making your brain believe that the disease is already treated! So they all you questions about your problem, they conduct extensive tests and therapies and they prescribe you with medicines. It’s all too make you believe that the doctor knows what your trouble is and he has provided you with the right solution. 

This does not mean that the medicines are not at all important. They are important. They do work on your ailment. However, the part they play in curing your disease is just about quarter. The rest of it is totally into you, your brain and your willpower. 

Which brings me to the topic of this post, The 7 Chakras- Their locations, associations and how to activate them. What experts have come to accept only recently, our saints and sages have already preached it a long long time ago. According to them, there are seven points in a human body where there is an intersection of energies and life forces. These seven points are often picturised as swirling masses of pure energy- Hence the name Chakras (meaning  wheel in Sanskrit). 

These Chakras are the power houses of human being. Each chakra controls each activity of your body. By learning about these Chakras, what they control and how to activate them (bring them to their full potential),A person will be able to bring their mind and body under their complete control. 

Here is a table of the 7 Chakras- Their locations, associations and how to activate them:

The only way known to activate the Chakras is by Meditation. Vocalising the sounds associated with each chakra is said to activate that particular chakra to a level. However, the process of activating the Chakras and bringing them to their full potential is neither Easy nor Fast! It takes concentration and years of practise. 

All the information provided to you in this post or on any other blogs/videos are just pieces of knowledge. The only purpose of these is to eradicate your ignorance. 

Only when the Knowing becomes Doing and the Doing becomes Being, shall you achieve the unachievable! 

So, Start from today, start from this moment and bring your body and mind under your control! ☺️

Blessed Be. πŸŒ›πŸŒπŸŒœ

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