Crystals- Finding out How they work for you!

Hi friends,

It’s been sometime that I have been active here or on my YouTube channel. It’s simply because I’m travelling and have been quite busy lately.

Anyway today I was cleaning out all of my belongings and all my magical stuff. Of course in preparation for the blue moon that is coming up in a few days. And while I was cleaning my crystals I was taken back to the day when I performed a small ritual to find out how my crystals would work for me.

It was by far the most Powerful and most magical ritualistic experience that I have had, And I felt like it was worth sharing with you guys.

So it all started when my crystals did not work right for me at the time when I wanted it to work the most.

I thought that crystals and Crystal magic was all about buying a bunch of colourful crystals, Read all about what their correspondence are and use them accordingly.

I completely forgot about the fact that crystals are Earth-based objects and they are ridiculously stubborn and rigid and they carry memories of their past owners and past experiences and for this very reason different crystals act differently around different people.

So, I carried a quartz crystal and an amethyst with me on the day when I wanted to dissolve a few small hurdles and bring success to me in a very important project! Unfortunately for me, the Crystals started acting haywire and everything went out of control on that day.

Thank Goddess, My Team Lead agreed for a re- do. That evening I came back home, More determined than ever, and I started to dig deeper about crystals.

So here’s what I found (here’s what I had missed!)-

1. Cleanse your Crystals.This is a very simple process, all you need to do is take a jar of natural water (Water from any natural source or Rain water will do, if not anything, go with tap water. Best of all would be sea water). Throw in a generous amount of rock salt into the jar. Now Immerse all your crystals in this water and let it stay for a while, preferably over night if there is no sensitive crystals in the mix!

2. Charge your Crystals.This is another simple process. After you have cleansed your crystals all you have to do is place them under the full moon over night so that the crystals are charged with all the magical energy flowing from Goddess Mother Moon.

Spread them out on a flat tray or a bowl, And while doing so you need to set your intentions. Just say a few words like “These crystals are now cleansed of their previous memories and experiences. They now belong to me and work for me alone .All the Gods, Goddesses, nature spirits and the ancient ones,Bless these crystals with your power and energy. As I will it, so Mote it be. Blessed Be.”

These are roughly the words that I had used.You can always go ahead and say things that seem right to you. Now, let them sit out under the Full Moon and you can bring them in at dawn.

3. The Ritual!

So basically every Crystal have their own set of characteristics and a place in the table of correspondence for crystals. These characteristics are mostly theoretical or how it worked for those who have written about their experience. But what you need to do is, find out how these crystals act for you or what attributes do they bring into your life.

For this, I performed a very small, simple and truly effective ritual. After I had cleansed and charged the crystals, I took out the time to meditate and speak to my crystals. To see to it that my concentration was not broken I asked my husband to take my daughter out on a walk and give me about an hour.

And here’s what I did-

I cleansed the space where I was about to perform the meditation.

I gathered all of my crystals, a white candle and an incense to set the mood.

I placed all these crystals in a bowl in front of the candle and I also placed a large white sheet of paper and a pen on my right hand side (place it in the left is your dominant hand is the left hand!)I took my own time to enter a meditative state.

When I was ready, with my eyes closed, I picked the crystals one by one out of the bowl.

With each Crystal, I Spent about a minute to understand its attitude and asked it, what it was about to bring into my life.

I would be struck with a word, an attribute, like success, happiness, prosperity, luck etc… With my eyes still closed, I wrote that word on the piece of paper and placed the crystal on top of it.

Seriously speaking, I had about 15 crystals and I did not open my eyes or even peek at the paper until I was done with them all.

I then thanked the Gods and Goddesses for guiding me through this ritual before I opened my eyes.

Then I looked at my sheet of paper, just picked the crystal one by one and wrote it’s name down above the attribute.You won’t believe how accurately the attributes corresponded with the crystals!

It was truly magical!I have added this sheet to my BOS and to date, this list hasnt failed me at all! ☺️

I do not wanna reveal my list to you all, simply because I don’t want my reading to interfere yours. You should clear your mind off of all the theoretical knowledge as well as pre-conceived notions before you talk to your Crystals. That’s the only way you’ll be able to find out how your Crystals are going to act around you!

Do give this a try and do share your experience with me.

Blessed Be.

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